Customized ATEX compliant cold rooms – Technology and top performance accuracy for the Pharma Industry

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We are normally required to design a specific solution for appliances that need to be stored and 100% performing inside a modified ISO container so that to achieve savings during the multiple handling and moves the appliance may require in its life cycle. For this specific order, we were asked to design a solution that would match impressive and ambitious specifications:

  • Six brand new iso-climatic cold rooms of four different non-standard size with EI 120 insulation and microswitch doors
  • Full compliance to ATEX requirements of all the electric and cooling appliances
  • Remote monitoring of the temperature and humidity to prevent deviations from the set point through permanent probes

The order really pushed ourselves far away from our standards and to grounds we’ve never been before. But, once again, we did our best. Thanks to all the people that have strongly committed to the good outcome of this project.


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