When the typical skills of the container industry are addressed to new marketing strategies

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What does the container industry competences and the latest marketing orientation have in common? Nothing at a first guess. But, in deep there’s actually a whole new world connecting the competencies of the container industry and the targets of marketing. The latest marketing leverages aim to involve the customer directly into a new experience stimulating his senses by letting him witness, closely, the product winning features and the whole process required to obtain it. The freshness of raw materials, their transformation, the technology behind a value proposition is something the customer is unable to test and check through standard communication. Here’s the challenge, we study, with our partners, mobile containerized solutions, all set with production machineries and appliances, to let people enjoy in real time, the finished product as well as all the processes and factors leading to the final product. The communication is hence not only advertising but it’s emotions and feelings arising from a real production experience. For us this is a huge new opportunity, just need to think longer “inside” the box.


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