Coremas Polaris


Spare parts for dry and reefer containers

Coremas Polaris: Container repair

COREMAS POLARIS – Container repair runs all the maritime services on behalf of shipping, leasing companies and forwarding agents.

Container depot and repair

All the containers accepted at our gate are prone to a strict examination compliant with the international standard regulations for shipping container repair and are finally processed according to the ‘first in first out’ work flow. Every container is then a detailed record stored in our databases.

Monitoring and cold treatment

Full-loaded and in transit reefer containers need to be monitored at least twice a day to avoid damages connected to a potential failure of the reefer machine. The cold treatment is instead an international standardized bureaucratic procedure that, if properly run, allows the export of fruits and vegetables to the USA.

Cold rooms maintenance and repair

COREMAS POLARIS technical engineers are trained for preventive and immediate intervention and assistance on cold rooms and on their reefer machines. Cold rooms preventive maintenance may be arranged and performed to minimize future reefer engine potential damages or failures.

Refrigerated vans maintenance and repair

COREMAS POLARIS has a deep know-how on every kind of reefer machine and performs the maintenance and repair also on compressors and reefer machines on refrigerated vans and trucks included.


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