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Prefabs Shelter

These are prefabricated modular units have external dimensions that can reach 12 meters length and 2.40 meters width. The structure is obtained by cladding properly insulated panels to an iron self-supporting structure of the requested size. These container shelters provide an instant logistical support through the immediate delivery of housing and emergency units designed for multiple purposes, such as portable cold rooms, kitchen units, toilet boxes, workshops, operative rooms, labs, power transformation and power production, long-distance communication equipment and water heating/purification devices. To make the loading/unloading easier, every unit can be equipped with corner castings and manual or hydraulic lifting feet. All these units can be supplied with positioning systems, ventilation and air-conditioning devices, RF filter frames to avoid disturbing frequencies, additional ceilings and floating floors to hide wirings when needed.


Gallery Prefabs Shelter


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