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Coremas Polaris: Shelter & housing units

COREMAS POLARIS Shelter & housing units manufactures containerized environments designed for specific tools, plants and produces also modular housing units.

Shelter design, repair and manufacturing

COREMAS POLARIS designs, modifies and sets up ISO standard containers. Multipurpose working tools and several machineries are installed inside the container allowing an easy and cost effective handling when needed (workshops, labs, control rooms, purifiers, power generators, compressors and power transformers). As an alternative, the structure is obtained by cladding insulating panels to an iron structure. In this case the ISO standard dimensions of the maritime container can be overcome.

Housing units design, repair and manufacturing

COREMAS POLARIS designs and builds multipurpose prefabs which come out from the assembling of insulating panels to a steel bearing structure. A more complex structure can be obtained through the coupling and the overlapping of basic and standard sized prefabs units. Our technician recreate a faithful AUTOCAD representation of the structure. Once studied in all its aspects, the structure will be set up at the nominated location. The prefabricated boxes can be realized for permanent or temporary use, and they are equipped with all the machinery and the furniture needed for a full and effective service.


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