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What is a Shelter container?

Shelters are maritime containers modified according to the customer’s design or prefabricated heavy carpentry structures that allow optimal accommodation of various types of plants and equipment increasing their safety and usability for the operator, limiting assembly activities and optimizing their transportation costs through intermodal logistics.


Can a Shelter be certified for maritime transport?

Yes! Shelters can be certified for maritime transport, ensuring safety and compliance with international standards for intermodal transportation. With the boarding certification, the shelter (or modified container) will be treated like a standard ISO container, avoiding the higher costs associated with special cargo.


Is the staff certified for cutting and welding on Shelter containers?

Yes, our staff have certifications for welding operations.

What benefits does the use of a Shelter container offer for facilities?

Shelters offer many advantages, including modularity, mobility, and cost reduction. Shelters can provide safe and convenient transportation according to intermodal logic (sea/train/road), ensuring that plants arrive at their destination in optimal condition and ready for use without costly assembly operations.

Is it possible to customize the painting of a Shelter container?

Yes, thanks to our dedicated booth painting facility, we can make specific painting cycles according to project requirements.


Where can the production of Shelter containers and housing units be audited?

Our main production site is located in the Livorno office and in a strategic area for logistics – just a short walk from the railway junction at the Interporto Toscano A. Vespucci directly connected with the exit for the SS Florence Pisa Livorno. The Livorno production site is also located 6 km from the Livorno Commercial Port.


Can I collaborate with your professionals in the design of Shelter containers?

Yes, our integrated technical department with engineers and technical drafters handles all design of housing units and Shelters.


What kind of structures can I achieve with prefabricated modules?

With our prefabricated modules, it is possible to flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively (compared to the cost and time of traditional construction) obtain various types of structures of various square footage, such as offices, restrooms, warehouses, dormitories, recreational spaces, temporary stores, research laboratories and other dedicated facilities.


How are shipping containers inspected and repaired?

Inspections and repairs of sea containers are carried out by certified personnel and follow criteria established by the IICL international manuals (Institute of International Container Lessors – https://www.iicl.org)


Where are Coremas Polaris’ maritime container depots located?

The main maritime container depots are located in logistically strategic places such as the Livorno branch (inside the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci and perfectly connected to the railroad, highway and the Commercial Port) and the Melzo branch, which is a short walk from the Milan Rail Hub intermodal park.

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